Forestry and Plantation

Wood, Palm oil, Rubber.

Non-porphyry Organization

Hospital, Church, Foundation, Political Organization

Financial Services

Banking, Future Trading, Insurance, Rent, Mutual funds.


Steel, Textile, Plywood, Cement.

Resort & Hotel

Apartments, Resort, Hotel, Restaurant, Spa.


Broadband, IT, Distribution, Fisheries, Delivery of Goods. Retail, Trade, Services, Shipment.


Coal, Iron.

Gilbert Rely & Rekan


Tax Consultant Office Gilbert Rely and Partnership is an office engaged in tax consulting services, accounting services, consulting and partnerships with several Public Accounting Firm. Our office is licensed as a tax consultant with level C, especially for taxpayers in the field of taxation for individual taxpayers, corporate taxpayers or domestic investment companies (PMDN) and foreign investment (PMA).

we have expertise as an accountant with graduates from Faculty of Economics majoring in Accounting, Tarumanagara University, Master of Business Administration, University of Los Angeles, California, United State of America (USA), State Register of Accountants and alumni of Accountant and Accounting Master Program from IBI Kwik Kian Gie school of business, Chartered Accountant, member of the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), Doctor of Economics in Accounting from the University of Trisakti, Jakarta.

our activities are members of the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), the Indonesian Tax Consultant Association (IKPI), and the Certified of IFRS (C.IFRS) graduate, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Specialist and Assurer (CRSS & CRSA).



Serving with clients is the main thing.



We always provide the best service for our clients in accordance with the provisions of applicable tax laws.



Dr. Gilbert Rely, S.E., S.H., M.Ak., M.BA., Ak., CA., C.IFRS., CSRA

Managing Partners


Nikki Kwok, S.E



Carsen Finrely, S.E., M.Ak.



Roy Linanda, S.E., M.Ak., Ak., CA


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